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Automated trade with Metatrader. Trade currencies, indexes etc. quite simply via an automated platform. Find out about the Metatrader.

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Risk note:

Trade with foreign currency, futures, options or in general securities also automated is not only linked with chances, but also with risks. Therefore, only people and institutions which perhaps entering losses can also carry should trade. We carry and expressly assume no liability. To the high profit possibilities high loss risks face accordingly. Basically even the danger exists to lose the whole used capital. You should use only capital which you do not need to the everyday lifestyle. Former developments are no indicator for future developments. This also refers to the given performance of the single EAs. We assume for our EAs expressly no liability and only the user (investor) carries the full responsibility.

Our Demo-EAs, strategies, training documents and other publications show merely information and are no offer, advertisement or recommendation for the purchase or sales. Particularly speculations in the Foreign-Exchange-Market (Forex) or other markets. Of course these markets should be traded only by experienced investors. If you wish a consultation or investment recommendation, turn please to the investment consultant of your bank or consult also before an independent place.

There are other incalculable risks, as for example disturbances of the internet availability, the dispatch of emais or software problems. To you it must be aware that we can assume for it absolutely no liability.

With the use of this website or our other services you accept that we can assume no liability, although all information is provided of course with the greatest possible care and after the best knowledge and conscience. Should you use information on this website or in our other publications for independent trade, you take the responsibility for yourself.

CFDs and derivatives are products which are defeated by a lever force. They are to be recommended only for experienced investors. It is essential to find out very thoroughly in advance about the tradeable products. Ask your broker or property administrator around advice, before you want to trade these products actively. This web page is of informative nature and does not serve to recommend financial products.

1. Restriction of liability

Contents of this website

The contents of this website are provided with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, the offerer does not take over guarantee for the correctness, completeness and actuality of the provided contents. The use of the contents of the website occurs on own danger of the user. This web offer is directed in particular at user from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Unfortunately, the use of our web offer is not permitted to users from the United States of America, Canada and Great Britain. These Internet sites serve exclusively purposes of information and show in particular no advertisement, recommendation, finance or other consultation and no offer or request on a purchase or sales for securities or on finance instruments. The Internet sites do not consider special investment aims, the financial situation or special needs of single users. Hence, the securities shown on these Internet sites and finance instruments are not possibly suitable for every user as an investment instrument.

Availability of the website

The supplier will try to offer the service very freely of interruption of processing request. However, also with all care down-times cannot be excluded. The supplier reserves himself the right to change his offer any time or to discontinue it.

External links

This website contains links to websites of third ("external links"). These websites are defeated by the liability of the respective operators. As a result the supplier has checked by the first-time linking of the external links the foreign contents whether any legal offence exists. At the time no legal offence was evident. The supplier has no influence on the topical and future creation and on the contents of the tied up sides. The putting of external links does not mean that the supplier adopts behind the reference or link recumbent contents. A constant control of these external links is not reasonable for the supplier without concrete tips to legal offence. Nevertheless, with knowledge of legal offence such external links are immediately extinguished.


The respective author is responsible for the contents of the adverts, just as for the contents of the promoted website. The representation of the advert shows no acceptance with the supplier.

No contractual relationship

With the use of the areas not liable for costs of the website of the supplier no contractual relationship comes about between the user and the offerer. In this respect no contractual or quasi-contractual claims also arise against the supplier.

2. Copyright

The contents published on this website are defeated by the german copyright. Every utilisation not admitted by the german copyright needs the previous written approval of the offerer or respective legal owner. This is valid in particular for duplication, treatment, translation, line-to-store transfer, processing or reproduction of contents in data banks or other electronic media and systems. Contents and third-party rights are present as those marked. The unauthorised duplication or passing on of single contents or complete sides is not permitted and punishable. Merely the production of copies and downloads for personal, private and not commercial use is permitted.

Links to the website of the supplier are welcome any time and need no approval by the supplier of the website. Nevertheless, the representation of this website in foreign frames is allowed only with permission.

3. Data protection

Information about the access (date, time, viewed side) on the server can be stored by the visit of the website of the supplier. A passing on to a third party for commercial or non-commercial purposes does not take place.

The supplier expressly points out to the fact that the data transfer shows security gaps on the Internet (e.g., with the communication by e-mail) and can be protected not consistently against the access by a third party.

The use of the contact data of the imprint to the commercial advertisement is not expressly welcome, unless the supplier had given his written approval before or there is already a business connection. Herewith the supplier and all people called on this website contradict every commercial use and passing on of her data.

4. Applicable right

Exclusively the decisive right of the Federal Republic of Germany takes effect.

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Risk warning:
Trade with theoffered products (e.g., CFDs), also about automated trade, contents a high risk for your capital. Speculate only with money, their loss you can also afford. These products are not suitable for all investors; you have to guarantee, that you are involved in the risks completely and consult independent help if necessary. Successful investment results in the past do not guarantee success in the future. Telephone calls can be taped.

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