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mt4 demo data for Metatrader. Automated trade with Metatrader. Trade currencies, indeces etc. test your strategy with an mt4 demo.

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What you need to begin with automated trading:

A Trading Platform

-We recommend the best trading platform in the world  - Metatrader

With this platform you will be able to make use of every chart and order function and you also have the possibilty to use automated trading.


An Automated Trading System:

-You'll find automated trading systems on the following website, for example:

We recommend a 24-Hour-Server:

In order to make sure your trading platform is connected to the broker 24/7, we recommend your platform to be run on a server.

More information about the 24-hour-server is available here:

More Information about Metatrader Trading Platform

Metatrader trading platform is very easy to use and possesses all the functions a professional trading platform should contain or even has to.

Metatrader provides the investor with a fast and easy access to all the markets in the world and is even capable of automated trading. You'll find all the information in an easy-to-understand structure right here on our website.

Please convince yourself and download a free demo of the trading platform.

Here you can download a 30-Day-Trial-Version.

Why to use the Metatrader trading platform

Easily open an account within only a few minutes online

Fully capable of automated trading

Leverage 1:400

The platform is free to use (no costs appear)

Capitalize your acount using Paypal, Monybookers, Bank Transfer, etc.

Cheap swap fees

No commissions or finance fees

A real account from €100 with bonus!

Fixed spreads (Bid-Ask-Spread)

More Informations about the Trading plattform: or

Open your free demo account now!

Here you can download a 30-Day-Trial-Version.

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MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform

MetaTrader 5 is the trading platform designed to arrange brokerage services in Forex, CFD, Futures, as well as equity markets. With this platform, you can offer your clients the best client terminal and better services, thus enabling them to execute trades in several financial markets and stock exchanges in one account.

Automated Trading with MetaTrader 5

Automated trading is a relatively new but very promising technology. Its main idea lies in transmitting account management to a computer program. In MetaTrader 5 market analysis is also entrusted to these programs (Expert Advisors). In other words, MetaTrader 5 completely releases traders from the routine market watching and the execution of trade operations.

To see how it works, visit the website of the annual Automated Trading Championships.

The MetaTrader 5 client terminal is supplied with the MetaQuotes Language 5 Integrated Development Environment (MQL5 IDE). This environment consists of the following parts:

  • MetaTrader 5 terminal - the module where automated trading programs are managed and executed.

  • MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5) - the programming language for implementing trading strategies.

  • MetaEditor - editor and compiler of Expert Advisors.

  • Strategy Tester - the module to test and optimize Expert Advisors.

With these tools, you can create your own Expert Advisors or use the developments of other programmers. All Expert Advisors are written in the MQL5 in MetaEditor. Once an Expert Advisor is compiled, it shows up in the client terminal where it can be tested in the Strategy Tester or get running right away.

MQL5 is a C-like language, which is one of the fastest and most functionally valuable languages in the world. Its flexibility makes it possible to thoroughly verify all parameters of Expert Advisors. This enables developers to automate almost any trading strategy. As far as its speed characteristics are concerned, MQL5 outperforms all specialized languages for trading strategies and comes second only to such high-level languages as Java and C++. This combination of wide functionality and high performance has made MQL5 the first choice of a majority of traders.

The development environment is, first and foremost, designed to create Expert Advisors. These programs allow full automation of the analytical and trading processes.

To demonstrate all possibilities of MQL5, our company hosts the annual Automated Trading Championship. During this competition, participants' Expert Advisors trade without any human interference for three months. Visit the Championship website and learn what amazing results can be achieved with the help of an Expert Advisor.

Besides Expert Advisors, you can use MQL5 to create custom indicators and scripts. Custom indicators are full analogues to built-in technical indicators. They are indispensable for analyzing price dynamics of financial instruments and showing trade alerts. And if available technical indicators aren't enough, you can create your own or use those developed by other traders.

Scripts are mini programs that automate small frequently repeated actions. Unlike Expert Advisors, scripts are performed only once, not with every tick. For example, a typical script could be a small program closing all open positions for all instruments with a single key.

Every year hundreds of developers submit their Expert Advisors to take part in the Automated Trading Championship to showcase their results. To sum up, choose MetaTrader 5 and you won't have any difficulties using ready-made programs or developing your own with the help of the available knowledge base.

Here you can download a 30-Day-Trial-Version.

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Risk warning:
Trade with theoffered products (e.g., CFDs), also about automated trade, contents a high risk for your capital. Speculate only with money, their loss you can also afford. These products are not suitable for all investors; you have to guarantee, that you are involved in the risks completely and consult independent help if necessary. Successful investment results in the past do not guarantee success in the future. Telephone calls can be taped. very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important Metatrader DLL seczre - decompiler DLL DLL seczre - decompiler DLLs Metatrader DLL seczre - decompiler DLLs Expert Advisor Trading Metatrader FX System DLL seczre - decompiler DLL Metatrader XTB X-Trade CMC Markets IG markets city index activ trade Odl Markets