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Metatrader MQL4 - MQL5

Automated trade with Metatrader. Trade currencies, indexes etc. quite simply via an automated platform. Find out about the Metatrader.

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Complete computer-solution for automated trade

Automated trade has brought a pioneering development behind itself during the last years and this trend will still probably run very long. However, this entails that the trader must position themselves to new challenges. And a fitted workstation, so the right tools also belongs to it to be able to exist sure of success at this market. Moreover, the access to the platform should be possible not only about a fixed workstation, but also on the mobile phone to be able to react therefore to all market events.

With the traders more and more automatic trade asserts itself with the time, because of these huge advantages for the traders. Thus it is more time-saving, less incriminating disciplined execution and a better insert in the daily routine. Thus many system traders learnt to build up a sure of success method which is not to be reached with old-fashioned action and protect themselves therefore a new existence.

Therefore, we have developed for you a special solution for automatic trade. From the choice of the broker up to the workstation we have the best complete offer. Convince yourselves from the advantages them such a trading solution provides for you.

  • more solidly, so that a 24-hour trade is allowed on the day
  • safer, so that no capital damage originates
  • more efficiently with lower costs, so that you can allow your money to work for you
  • optimally combined, so that you pay only this what you also need
  • besides, more quietly, better cooled and power-saving
  • Access always and from everywhere.

Here you can download a 30-Day-Trial-Version.

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Risk warning:
Trade with theoffered products (e.g., CFDs), also about automated trade, contents a high risk for your capital. Speculate only with money, their loss you can also afford. These products are not suitable for all investors; you have to guarantee, that you are involved in the risks completely and consult independent help if necessary. Successful investment results in the past do not guarantee success in the future. Telephone calls can be taped. very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important Metatrader DLL seczre - decompiler DLL DLL seczre - decompiler DLLs Metatrader DLL seczre - decompiler DLLs Expert Advisor Trading Metatrader FX System DLL seczre - decompiler DLL Metatrader XTB X-Trade CMC Markets IG markets city index activ trade Odl Markets