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Automated trade with Metatrader. Trade currencies, indexes etc. quite simply via an automated platform. Find out about the Metatrader.

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Translation from other languages (Metastock, Tradestation, Trading Solutions etc.)to MQL4 - no problem

What is Expert Advisor Programming?

The MetaQuotes Language (MQL) is a programming language for the development of a trading strategy. Programming in the MQL language allows the programmer to create programs called Expert Advisors, or EA's, for the purpose of automated trading. These Expert Advisors are then loaded into the MetaTrader application.

Hundreds of the functions necessary for the analysis of real time or historical Market quotes, or tick data, as well as basic to complex Arithmetic, and logical operations are included in the MQL4 language. There are also plenty of custom Expert Advisor Indicators and Oscillators such as the Accelerator, Accumulation, Alligator, ATR, Awesome, Bollinger Bands, Bears, Bulls, CCI, Heiken Ashi, Ichimoku, iExposure, MACD, Momentum, Moving Averages, OsMA, Parabolic SAR, RSI, Slow Stochastic, and the ZigZag.

Programs written in the MetaQuotes Language have several different features and purposes when trading:

* The 'Expert Advisor' is an Automated Trading System, which can be attached to run on any chart. An EA is executed with every incoming Market tick for a given symbol. The EA can inform you about a possibility to trade, and trade an account automatically by sending the order directly to your MT4 Broker's Server. Unlike most trading systems, the MT4 Platform supports the back testing of an EA on the historical data by displaying the in and out points of a trade on the chart.

* The 'Custom Indicator' is a technical indicator written independently of the EA and can be added to the indicators that are already integrated in the MT4 Platform. Like the built-in indicators, they are not used to trade an account automatically but are intended for analytical purposes to find any possible trading opportunities.

* The 'Script' is a program intended for a single execution of some actions. Unlike an Expert Advisor, or EA, Scripts are not run on every tick, but on request from another program.

* The 'DLL Library' is a set of custom functions, or tools, containing algorithms that are used on a frequent basis. Libraries are accessed through parts of the main program.

However, what is the price of conversion?

The conversion of your own automated commercial system requires a classification in three categories and is quite easy with us to move. Depending on how you wish the conversion and which claims your program (her strategy) with itself brings, suitable costs originate! Therefore, there are also differentiated price ranges. It concerns, on this occasion, absolute fixed prices per order. Please, also note that we can count to one of the absolutely most serious suppliers and absolutely leave you to ourselves on a correct order fulfillment in extremely short time. Which advantages for you automated trade brings you can read here:

  • easy systems: 300 - 900 €
  • complicated systems: 900 – 1.400 €
  • Professionally systems: 1.400 - 2.800 €

The prices are arranged with you before you sign a contract. It is cleared in which category your program wish is part of and then you receive an offer from us again. The prices are always variable (to understand from/till). However, they show a fixed price. Thus a program from the category "complicated systems" cannot cost more than 1.400 €. Special solutions with extremely high program expenditure, as for example the programming of intelligent trend lines form an exception. Therefore, it is cleared in each case before the deal is make whether the programming is possible for this price. You receive of course also from us an installation instruction and you are examined by us around.

Criteria to the classification in the cost categories:

  • easy systems:
    • use of a standard indicator
    • easy entrances and exits
    • without money management
  • complicated systems:
    • use of own indicators or more complicated entrances and exits
    • money management including
    • modifications of the order (trailing stop and intelligent trailing stop)
  • Professional systems:
    • application of global variables
    • intelligent money management
    • interaction between different currency pairs and different time frames
    • wide-leading half-logarithmic calculations

These criteria show only one certain direction how the categories are to be interpreted. However, they certainly recognize that you lie in price in the advantage. Because you must pay no hourly achievement and the price is determined in advance, there is at the end no bad surprise for you. Therefore we allow to you a new existence with absolutely low expenditure.

You can describe your strategy roughly in a Word document.
Your name, your telephone number and your email address are a necessary condition. Indeed, the strategy should be explained so far that we can make a coarse quotation to you.

The "expert Advisors" programmed by are able to multinational EAs, therefore it is possible to run several EA's in an account at the same time. Furthermore are held input values as for example stoploss, slippage, take profit, etc., always variably what makes later adaptations terrifically easier.

The programmed code is provided with the biggest care and professionalism and corresponds so far possibly always to the most topical program standards.

Still we ask you also to read our risk note, terms and conditions.

Send then the Word document to and within 24 hours you receive your offer!

Then you are able to get in contact with us personally for more exact details by telephone, by Skype or email also to clear therefore all necessary strategy elements.

Our MetaTrader Programming Services can provide you with a completely custom and Automated Trading System. The design and implementation of your strategy is programmed exactly to your specifications. Development of Expert Advisors is our main service but we also develop Expert Advisor Indicators, Scripts, and DLL Libraries. Here are just a few of the features that can be built into your Automated Expert Advisor Trading System:

Statistical Data Modeling - This is a unique feature that can be applied for the forecasting of a particular Currency.

Scalping Systems - Forex scalping can be very profitable for traders who decide to use it as their primary strategy.

Money Management - The lot size of a trade can be determined as a percentage of account equity or a constant amount.

Lot Size Compounding - Increase your position based on the trend and amount of profit in the trade. This is a very powerful strategy.

Maximum Order Limit - Controls how many orders are running at any given moment.

Stop Loss and Take Profit - Fixed stop loss and take profit settings to protect the equity in the account.

Trailing Stops - Using a trailing stop loss allows you to set a minimum profit. It follows the movement of a trade by a set number of pips.

Trading Volatility Stops - Used in conjuntion with a volatility indicator such as the ATR (Average True Range).

Account Equity Stops - Controls how much of your account equity you want to risk and protect.

Swing Highs and Swing Lows - Stops and Take Profits that are based on recent highs or lows.

Account Margin Check - Suspends trading if your margin exceeds a specified range.

Large Currency Spread - Suspend trading if the current spread exceeds a maximum spread setting.

Execute on New Bar - The expert advisor will run once on the opening of a new bar.

Multiple Expert Advisors - Allows an expert advisor to run on more than one chart at the same time.

Trading Daily Timers - Set a time period for trading. Useful when you only want to trade the US, Asian, or UK sessions.

Trading Period Timers - Set a time period so that you are not trading during news reports or particular days of the week.

Trade History - Logs the trading history of an EA to a file so that it can be used to evaluate performance.

Here you can download a 30-Day-Trial-Version.

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Risk warning:
Trade with theoffered products (e.g., CFDs), also about automated trade, contents a high risk for your capital. Speculate only with money, their loss you can also afford. These products are not suitable for all investors; you have to guarantee, that you are involved in the risks completely and consult independent help if necessary. Successful investment results in the past do not guarantee success in the future. Telephone calls can be taped. very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important Metatrader DLL secure - decompiler DLL DLL seczre - decompiler DLLs Metatrader DLL seczre - decompiler DLLs Expert Advisor Trading Metatrader FX System DLL seczre - decompiler DLL Metatrader XTB X-Trade CMC Markets mql4 mql5 activ trade metatrader support metatrader metatrader download