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Metatrader MQL4 - MQL5

Automated trade with Metatrader. Trade currencies, indexes etc. quite simply via an automated platform. Find out about the Metatrader.

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Are you a stock market letter, signal supplier or want to offer your strategy in the download?

Basically we program automated commercial systems of private investors.

If you want to offer a strategy as a stock market letter, signal supplier or, however, also as a private supplier to a bigger customer or interested party, we can program this strategy to you. Then this strategy is offered by your wishes to your customers, e.g., on your internet site to the download or about e-mail dispatch.
Then the customer downloads to himself, e.g., the update of your strategy onyour page. Perhaps (if you wish) he pays for it a monthly amount and then he is able to trade your strategy fully or semi automatically.

That the customer never comes behind the strategy, because it is encoded, is very important.

This is an optimum, additional source of income for you.

Enclosed some informations about automated trade.

Use the possibility to offer also your strategy, e.g., in the subscription procedure to your customers:

You can offer your customers automated trade quite easily:

For example, more than two variations: The customer would download to himself every version from your site for a monthly amount.

As a
semiautomatic commercial system: here the customer can be informed, e.g., via e-mail or SMS that he should act. The customer gets quite clear defaults from the system, places the order, however, himself.

Or as a
fully automatic commercial system: here everything runs automatically after your strategy.

Every strategy to program costs between 1.300 - 2.000 € (according to difficulty) and this you are allowed to offer your customer against a certain amount to the download then so often you want to.

If this should be interesting for you, get in contact simply with us and we plan the conversion by your wishes.


Then you are able to get in contact with us personally for more exact details by telephone, by Skype or email also to clear therefore all necessary strategy elements.

Here you can download a 30-Day-Trial-Version.

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Risk warning:
Trade with theoffered products (e.g., CFDs), also about automated trade, contents a high risk for your capital. Speculate only with money, their loss you can also afford. These products are not suitable for all investors; you have to guarantee, that you are involved in the risks completely and consult independent help if necessary. Successful investment results in the past do not guarantee success in the future. Telephone calls can be taped. very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important Metatrader DLL secure - decompiler DLL DLL seczre - decompiler DLLs Metatrader DLL seczre - decompiler DLLs Expert Advisor Trading Metatrader FX System DLL seczre - decompiler DLL Metatrader XTB X-Trade CMC Markets mql4 mql5 activ trade metatrader support metatrader metatrader download