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Metatrader MQL4 - MQL5

Automated trade with Metatrader. Trade currencies, indexes etc. quite simply via an automated platform. Find out about the Metatrader.

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"The interest of the private investors on the stock exchange (international finance markets) is gigantic! However, the private investor towards the professional investors does not bring the necessary perseverance and experience.

The biggest difficulties of the private investor lie in the position and risk management; at short notice he keeps to this though and earns therefore for a short time also profits, nevertheless, after some time he can be often tempted to a higher risk readiness (avarice) and loses the whole amount again.

The private investor often has a very good strategy because he does not keep, nevertheless, to his own rules, the loss of his capital follows from it.

To be able to act with the possibility for the private investor now also automated, so he can trade his own strategy fully automatically via broker, the biggest and probably most important step is done with certainty for the private investor. Since now he also has to be active the possibility beside the normal work round-the-clock in the finance markets and can follow therefore the trading not only in his spare time.

Currently approx. 70% of all shops about Xetra and Eurex via fully automatic systems are traded, however, not by private investors, but only by institutional investors. However, now it is also to be positioned for private investors quite simply possible to themselves with own automated commercial system in the international markets and to use therefore the complete advantages of the automated tradings."

Patrick Hahn

Why automatic Trading?

"from now you are active with your PC in the international markets round-the-clock "

Automated commercial systems are subdivided into semiautomatic and fully automatic commercial systems.


Semiautomatic commercial systems: Here are indicated, e.g., the chart-trading possibilities on this of the trader then can act.The system indicates only Trading possibilities and does not act.

Fully automatic commercial systems: Here it is also possible of course that the trader is informed about the commercial decisions visually or also via e-mail! Only the fully automatic system acts directly according to the desired criteria or the desired strategy. Orders are placed automatically and are worked on.

Professional commercial systems run only through the Metatrader:

Answers on "how do I get to my own strategy and how do I order the whole" you will find here

Advantages of Metatrader?

  • quick order implementation

  • very good chart program

  • expandable platform offers the production of own indicators, to trading systems and scripts (small programs which are unique executed, e.g., closing of all open positions with a mouse click)

  • Possibility of backtestings

  • trading with automatic trading systems

  • all in one platform with trading-, charting-, backtesting- and programming platform

  • Program is for free (course care is also for free)

  • Installation file is has only the size of 3.5 mb! Platform starts with a click

  • Platform handles very economically with resources and can be also used to USB-Sticks or other hard disk partitions

  • Integration of arbitrarily external DLLs simply possibly, thereby very big possibilities for the analysis and evaluation

Metatrader is the best trading platform for a demo click here

About Metatrader

What is MetaTrader?

MetaTrader is a completely free Trading and Charting application designed for online Trading Systems for many Global Markets such as Futures, Stocks, Foreign Exchange (Forex), etc. It has the ability to perform technical analysis, and for the development and operation of fully Automated Trading Systems. Forex Brokers can license the right to the MetaTrader Platform, or MT4, and make it available to their Clients. Currently over 200 major Brokers use the Meta Trader 4 Platform.

Metatrader 4 – Everything from a hand – an overview to the software

Who wants to earn money as an investor on the finance markets, sooner or later has to trade in the automated currency index trade. There are all kinds of service providers who often make their own little software thing. Many use own commercial platforms which are delivered then often without charts and computer languages. Others make available a platform on which one can only lose his money. An exception forms Metatrader 4 and the succession version Metatrader 5, software from Russia which means, so to speak, a “totally-happy”-package for the professional, but also the amateur trader.

On this occasion, commercial platform, chart technology and even fully automatic actionis possible with the help of the built-in computer language “MQL 4“ and in the new version “MQL 5”.
There are meanwhile competitions which are laid out only on system trade. Recently came to an end the “Automated Trading Championship in 2008“ with which one could send his programmed commercial system in the running. In 12 weeks the winner increased the virtual capitalof 10.000 $ on 35.175.60 $. The advantages of automated trade become clear at the latest in these figures.
Of course the software can be also used to manual trade and is ordered also by more and more brokers, predominantly from the Forex area, to make customers happy with it, which want to test it.
The software comes from the house MetaQuotes software Corp, from Russia which has made meanwhile a very good name in this area to itself.
It is even possible with Metatrader by means of a click to trade several strategies and also accounts at the same time.
Almost all brokers offer a demo account with virtual play money what one should use at the beginning active ones, because one always gets the original traded Forex courses and no time-delayed courses delivered.

You can download the 30 days of demo version here.

The first steps
You are able to download the software with suitable broker's websites free of charge and without obligations. Also we recommend you a broker. You find more informations here.
The installation is possibly easy. You can put meanwhile more than 26 languages. Among others Russian, two different Chinese linguistic variations, in addition the usual languages. A multi language package allows to the user himself to choose the menus in his national language and to pass on this in Metaquotes, so that it is also put to the rest of the world at possession.
Please note that a DSL dedicated line compelling is necessary for the Metatrader.

The manufacturers recommend a Pentium 4 processor with 2 GHz, 512 GDR RAM, 80 GB HDD minimum. But also PCs with less achievement and older versions of Windows function of course without problems. We support you with the choice of the hardware. In addition you find all informations here.
After the installation data are questioned for opening of a demo account (which you give exactly please) and one puts the lever and the insert of from 3.000 to 5.000.000 €. After generation of a password the program appearswith six windows. This is the so-called default setting. You can adapt them of course to your wishes.
On the one hand, the "market" with the different currency combinations, is on the top left under it the so-called navigator who provides the provided indicators, commercial systems – so-called "Expert-Advisors" and conformist indicators to the use.
Four big windows show the most important currency combinations with different indicators, below it the terminal with open positions, account history as well as other useful setting possibilities.

The first work
As main work tools of Metatrader the technical analysis of the Month-Charts to is used down to the analysis in the minute tact. All windows can be faded out and stored away the complete working surface as a so-called "profile". You can access thus with a mouse click different profiles. They will be impressed as easy the menu guidance is.
About the charts there is the working strip by means of which you can switch over between three different representation kinds (line-, candle-, beam-chart), time frames.
This may be not enough for many traders. Nevertheless, the computer language leaves open all possibilities to program other chart kinds. Also with the order kinds meets all the wishes of the Metatrader and all conceivable orders with the Metatrader can be programmed. On the Internet you already find the ready indicators which generate Point & Figure-Charts and zigzag representation.
Usual working tools like lines, canals, Gann technologies, Fibbonacci, cycles, in addition indicators, divides into trends, oscillators, volumes and special of Bill-Williams, are selectable about the Dropdown menu.
Inserted indicators in the chart windows let themselves as stencils, so-called "Templates" store away and then are available for other currency pairs.
Thus you can put on a currency pair in different time frame with different indicators, store away this then as a profile to create thus as the basis for the everyday work. Make trading your occupation.
The program is put predominantly by Forex brokers as a commercial platform at possession. You automatically get the data feed provided. There originate to you on this way absolutely no costs.
Thus an update of the suitable data bank is explained with change-over by minute representation on month charts automatically and it are ready itself with the € in $ of back counted histories till 1989 to the analysis.

Action with Metatrader

From the analysis platform it is traded directly. Over an extra window all currency pairs can be put as a lot with 100.000 $ in each case of size, but also with certain brokers to 0.01 lot what corresponds to 100 $ of commercial size.
A direct implementation or, however, a so-called „Pending order“ can be selected what corresponds to a limit or a stop loose order.
During the order input it is at the same time possible to send profit order with Without stop as well as a take. So called breacket orders or if-done-OCO-orders.
With quick trade after publication of the figures it is possible into the bargain, to limit briefs page, i.e. how much pips the price may soak off at the time of the contract transfer from the indicated course. If this briefs page is crossed, the program automatically asks whether should be traded for the new price.
In addition atime limit is regulated with Pending orders, till when this order is valid. If this is not released, the deletion automatically occurs.
If you have transmitted an order, a Trailing stopcan be selected immediatelywhat reaches, however, in contrast to other brokers not immediately, but when the opposed course of the position is in the profit.
An example:
We go long in the € with 1.3140, with stopploss 1.31 and profit-target with 1,325. A trailing stop is put with 15 Pips. If the position rises in the profits by 14 pips, the stop remains consistently with 1.31. If it goes a point higher on 1.3155, the programautomatically dragsevery other point on deuce, afterwards immediately.
In contrast tonormal stock market brokers the examination of the trailing stop occurs not in the remotely standing commercial PC of the broker, but only on own commercial PC.
You have to be always online, to reach that.
There are differences of broker to broker about theleast distances with the pending orders as well as the adjustable trailing distances. Commonly 5 pips distancewith order job and 15 pips are aminimum Trailing distance.
Open positions and pending orders are indicated in the terminal located completely below on the screen, with P/L in pipsor real cash value. This can be closed by mouse click on the suitable position or be changed.
If an order is given or explained, all necessary is put down in the chart of the suitable currency as horizontal sketched lines to see in the background from figure 2. You always see how far the topical course is removed from the given data.

Commercial evaluation
The evaluation possibilities of the trading behavior are further worth mentioning. These data can be stored away in detail as a statement in HTML form and serve for false invention.
You can load this statement in aweb browser and receives a professional evaluation of his commercial activity whichleaves much to be desired nothing. A position installation, followed by an Equity curve, opens this statement.
Substantially more importantly the data evaluations seem good. Here you find such data like “Largely profit“, “Largely Loss”, “Profit-Factor“, the drawdowns and still many other data listed.
The whole can be stored away chronologically adaptably. If you want to evaluate only the today's trades, this is as possible, as for the complete week or the whole month.
Thus mistakes can be found in the commercial strategy. Profit factor is important, e.g., of the value 1. A value more than 1 means that the strategy is successful. If you have still produced losses, you have traded either too much or too big positions.
Also the Equity curve registers you, when you should better stop. Since after a good phase there comes mostly unavoidably the bad and you often return a large part of the profits again.

Expert-Advisor – the completely special in Metatrader
With this tool a piece of luck probably seems to have succeeded to the developers. You know that the trader itself is mostly the biggest enemy.
A possibility, this is to be switched off a commercial system which opens independently positions, closes, even the money management takes over.
Moreover the computer language is in Metatrader MQL 4.
This allows to the trader to develop not only own indicators and useful functions, but also to program his commercial ideas, to test this and to let act independently in the successful case. You find instructions into English to the computer language in the section
In the following also a little bit deep going out course.

Back to Metatrader. A MACD system which serves as an example for the use of the computer language is provided.
Every system checks with detailed new kink whether one of the rules arrives and can act either independently, or generate only one alarm.
You can give firm commercial dimensions, but also a certain percentage of the equity which adapts itself virtually.
These so-called "Expert-Advisor" can be used in Intraday trade just as on day base.
After a program code was provided, this must be converted only by the integrated compiler, so that he is readable for Metatrader. Besides, the mistakes which it is a matter to eradicate then are still indicated. Then the test run with historical courses should occur which shows whether the draught fits or not whether one must adapt the "expert" further.

Also the German stock exchange lowers the fees for automated trade on account of the big inquiry. more....

Here you can download a 30-Day-Trial-Version.

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Risk warning:
Trade with theoffered products (e.g., CFDs), also about automated trade, contents a high risk for your capital. Speculate only with money, their loss you can also afford. These products are not suitable for all investors; you have to guarantee, that you are involved in the risks completely and consult independent help if necessary. Successful investment results in the past do not guarantee success in the future. Telephone calls can be taped. very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important very-important Metatrader DLL secure - decompiler DLL DLL seczre - decompiler DLLs Metatrader DLL seczre - decompiler DLLs Expert Advisor Trading Metatrader FX System DLL seczre - decompiler DLL Metatrader XTB X-Trade CMC Markets mql4 mql5 activ trade metatrader support metatrader metatrader download